Biblical Counseling Resources

Our Life Support Groups help you navigate life's challenges. They give you an open environment to share your struggles, story and receive support from other group members. All of our groups are here for encouragement and accountability when needed.

Support Groups help those facing emotional, relational, or spiritual difficulties that seem too difficult to handle alone. In a safe atmosphere, you can explore hurts as well as helps from a biblical viewpoint. In these groups, people with similar experiences come together to share strength and support for each other.

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Freedom Recovery Groups are working groups that help those suffering from addiction. These groups will be active in encouraging behavior change, especially in times of relapse or when encountering difficulties during recovery. Working groups help you establish accountability measures and live addiction-free lives. The inclusion of this program is beneficial to the maintenance of long-term recovery.

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All of our groups are Christian in orientation and will include the use of the Bible - God's Word. A person does not have to identify with any particular religious or spiritual belief system to benefit from the support provided by our groups. We will not, however, avoid or diminish the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit in our meetings or for your individual journey.


Pastoral Counseling - Help in navigating life’s challenges. If you are in need of counseling with our Counseling Pastor, email us.

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