What is Discover Warren?

Discover Warren and Breakfast with the Pastors is a periodic session for adults and teenagers to discover what we believe, why we approach life the way we do and what’s available. Join us for breakfast and meet our pastors.

For more information on the session, visit EVENTS.

Become A Church Member

4 Steps of Membership:
-Salvation Through Jesus (Belief in Jesus Christ)
-Baptism by Immersion (If Not Previously Baptized by Immersion)
-Presented for Membership (Come Forward During a Service)
-Attend Discover Warren (Breakfast with the Pastors)


At Warren, we never ask our members to do more than the Bible clearly teaches. We only expect our members to do what the Bible expects every Christian to do.
These responsibilities include:

1. Protecting the Unity of My Church By... 

-Acting in Love Towards Other Members
-Refusing Gossip
-Following Leadership

2. Sharing in My Responsibility of the Church By...
-Praying for its Growth
-Praying Unceasingly for its Ministries
-Inviting the Unchurched to Attend
-Warmly Greeting Those Who Visit

3. Serving in the Ministry of the Church By...
-Discovering and Using my Gifts and Talents
-Being Equipped to Serve Alongside My Pastors
-Developing a Servant's Heart

4. Supporting the Testimony of the Church By...
-Attending Faithfully
-Living a Godly Life
-Giving Regularly

For more information, contact Membership at 706.922.7039 |



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