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Middle School Series at a Glance

High School Series at a Glance

When something is remarkable it is unusual, exceptional, interesting, or excellent. The thing that makes something Remarkable is that it gets your attention – in a good way. It leaves you breathless. WOW! For the next 3 weeks we will look at our REMARKABLE God through the lense of Ephesians 2:1-10

At the end of this series, students will understand:
Who we are and how we ended up in the slum of sin. Who saves us and what we are called to do.

Message Topics:
February 3 / Dead in Sin
February 10 / Alive in Christ
February 17 / Storytellers for life

THE PATRIARCHS are where God’s relationship with mankind begins anew with a family-based plan to rescue the world. What this group was designed to be and what it often looked like are two different things. Through this series we are looking at God’s faithfulness to this family’s leaders for the sake of the ultimate goal, salvation through Jesus Christ. For the next 4-weeks we will look at God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob during their united journey towards the seed that would bless all the nations.

At the end of this series, students will understand:
How the book of Genesis displays our need for a different kind of patriarch that would guide mankind toward righteousness.

Message Topics:
February 3 / The Vision
February 10 / Abraham and His Many Sons
February 17 / Isaac: A Sacrificial Son
February 24 / Jacob’s New Name

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