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Middle School Series at a Glance

High School Series at a Glance

At times, we find ourselves alone. The questions in the midst of these moments are why and what now? We will look at moments where the realness of fear and circumstances meet us in our reality.

At the end of this series, students will understand:
How to chase Jesus when moments in our life makes us feel alone or if in fact we are face to face with being alone. How can we glorify God in these moments?

Message Topics:
February 24 / In Christ Alone (The Gospel)
March 3 / Never Alone (Forsaken)
March 10 / Being Alone (Mental Health)
March 17 / Taking Time Alone (Prayer and Reset)
March 24 / Stand-Alone (Convictions and Witness)

The Bible displays some very instrumental leaders in its first five books. These individuals shepherded a small family into Egypt, and years later, out of the wilderness to become a nation. Throughout this section of Israelite history, we learn more about who God is and His plan to reinstate rest and peace for all mankind. Through this series we are looking at how God’s chosen leaders interact with people for the sake of the ultimate goal, salvation through Jesus Christ. For the next 3-weeks we will look at the God of Joseph, Moses, and Joshua during Israel’s united journey towards the seed that would bless all the nations.

At the end of this series, students will understand:
How God expects them to interact with people; saints, sinners, suitors, friends, and family. That God wants people to stand for Him not bend to the will of the World.

Message Topics:
March 3 / Joseph: Relationship Goals
March 10 / Moses: Who Will Intercede?
March 17 / Jacob: Courage Under Fire

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